yFX is the newly formed visual effects facility at YRF Studios. Started in 2016 by a core group of experienced, skilled and award-winning VFX supervisors, technical directors, and artists, this state-of-the-art studio offers film makers a one-stop shop; a creative ‘think tank’, where every aspect of film making is addressed under one roof... from script to screen!

Capabilities include 3D asset build, animation, matte painting, compositing, and visual effects. Technology is state-of-the-art: Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and Flame pipelines, with high-speed servers, and a large render farm.

yFX’s first major project was visual effects for the recently released Salman Khan starrer SULTAN - CGI virtual sets, crowd multiplication, both 3D and live, and digital prosthetics, formed a large portion of the over 2000 vfx shots delivered for SULTAN. Two new feature films are currently under production, along with VFX for TV commercials.

Apart from delivering 3D animation and visual effects for the feature film, television and advertising industries, yFX has strong capabilities in the newly developing augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) areas as well.

yFX's work philosophy goes beyond just executing a project well, and on time... we add value that will partner a film-maker from ideation onwards, providing inputs and ideas that will make the process practical, efficient, smart, economical, and above all, completely collaborative!

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